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Default Re: "and Adrian Peterson had to deal with 8 man boxes all the time because of Ponder"

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
exactly, a 3rd and short would be the same situation or close to a 1st or 2nd down...

but do you agree that RBs that are taken out on 3rd and long have a huge advantage in this list?

let's say that Gore is removed on every 3rd and long...which would NEVER be a loaded box...and Peterson is in on every 3rd and long...clearly that would give Gore the edge in terms of who sees more 8 man boxes

Not really in Petersons case, because it would mean that Peterson was given the ball on 3rd and long.....which rarely happened.

His splits confirm this.

He had 326 rushes on 1st and 2nd down.... and only 19 on 3rd down.....13 of which were when it was 3rd and 1 or 2. He also had 3 rush attempts on 4th down.
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