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Default Re: "and Adrian Peterson had to deal with 8 man boxes all the time because of Ponder"

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
okay, well I still think AD faced a ton of loaded boxes for the simple fact that they went 1-wide so much...perhaps that is Ponder's fault, or perhaps not.

let me ask you this Carbine, do you think that there is no correlation between a team's passing game and running game? Are you trying to make the point that Ponder's play had no effect on Peterson?

He did face a lot of 8 man boxes, but it was dictated by the offensive formations they used, nothing more or less. It's natural to play 8 in the box when their is only one wideout on the field.

Your second question is something I've already addressed. Peterson had probably his worst year production wise with Brett Favre are a bunch of weapons around him....but has his best year by far with Ponder and specifically took off when Harvin went down.

Ridley is 2nd on the list for facing 8 man boxes with two or more wideouts on the field - his quarterback is Tom Brady.

Arian Foster is also up there, and he has a good quarterback.

Vick Ballard as well, with Andrew Luck.

Alex Green 5th on the list, Aaron Rodgers is his quarterback.

Gore 6th, Kap and Smith his quarterbacks.

It doesn't correlate. On the bottom of the list is Charles at 6.5 percent facing an 8 man box with two or more wiseouts....with some of the worst quarterbacking we've seen in awhile.
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