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Default Re: "and Adrian Peterson had to deal with 8 man boxes all the time because of Ponder"

Where's the proof that a great QB effects a great RB?

RB's who are great will be great regardless of who their QB is. There are a number of examples of this throughout history. If having a great QB meant makings things easier on a RB, why has Peyton Manning's running backs for close to the last 10 years been lackluster in production? Tom Brady's running backs? Drew Brees? Aaron Rodgers?

Meanwhile you got Peterson doing 2000+ yards on 6ypc with Ponder but has his worst production of his career with Favre and lots of weapons..... MJD having great years with terrible QB's, Doug Martin just had a phenominal year with Freeman who had a poor year....Jamal Charles had a great year with terrible QBs, CJ2K had his best year with a guy who can't find a job in the NFL now...Gore has been great throughout his career with less than stellar QB play, Tiki Barber had a fantastic year with terrible QB play, Steven Jackson....

Great RB's will be great regardless.
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