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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by veilside23
since i guess you are the biggest follower of andrew wiggins ... where do you want him to go? do you want him to win it all in Ncaa?
I dont know if its possible if he goes to FSU .
Kansas maybe.. I like UNC's chances better though

i dont like wiggins @ UK it will be a massive murder to everyone else...
its like nba all star vs dleague

oh and regarding wiggins attitude i think he is like a tim duncan kinda guy...

Well I would prefer him at UNC since that's pretty much all I'm a fan of (UNC athletics) in all sports, college or professional. I also believe UNC will have very slim odds of winning a championship without Wiggins and now that Bullock is gone. By slim, I wouldn't guess much more than an Elite Eight, if that.

I don't care if he wins a championship, unless he comes to UNC, but his best odds would probably be at UK, then UNC, then KU, then lastly FSU. I think he could legitimately win a championship at either of first three on the list, considering UK and UNC are preseason top ten without him and tell me the last time Kansas didn't win the Big 12... FSU wouldn't be bad with him, but I still think his season there would end up like Beasley at KSU, except not as prolific scoring. Even Durant had Augustin, who was an elite high school PG recruit and won the Cousy award in his sophomore year before entering the draft.

Agree on his personality. He's definitely closer to the Duncan/Durant persona than LeBron/Kobe. Doesn't matter much, other than maybe for marketability.

Starting to sound like KU from what I'm reading. Going to stick with FSU, tho, because I can't get past the combination of family connections + Andrew seeming indifferent to playing in college. Never really thought UK and now I have all but given up hope he will be a Tar Heel. Hope I'm wrong on the last part.
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