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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
According to... his trainer?

I wonder what Floyd Mayweather Sr. would say Floyd is willing to do and who he would fight. I wonder if anyone would take anything he said seriously? You are believing what you want to believe and disregarding the rest.

LMAO! Man, I am posting FACTS here, most of your posts are opinions. You are the one whose disregarding the fact that Canelo was willing to move down to 150 2 yrs ago, you're disregarding the fact that Canelo's trainer confirmed that they are willing to move down to 150 today. Why would a trainer lie about moving down in weight? There's no point.

Trainers have a vested interest in having you believe a specific narrative. They're probably the most biased source you can talk to. Things trainers say should always be taken with an enormous grain of salt.

I'm sure if it were Floyd Sr. making the comments, you'd buy into them 100-percent, right?

I'd take a trainers word any day of the week over the media. Media are not the ones who negotiate, the fighter's team is.

It doesn't really matter what Canelo wants. He is fighting under GBP and he has a team behind him who makes fights happen or not happen. He is still just 22. They would have very solid reasons for not wanting to make the fight happen.

Unlike the people who despise Floyd, I'm not saying Canelo is personally frightened of fighting Mayweather. That is silly, just like it's silly when people say it on the other side of the equation.

They have million$ of reasons for wanting to make the fight happen.

There are a lot of variables that go into making a fight.

Furthermore, you are the pot calling the kettle black. Rafael clearly stated in his article that Canelo doesn't want to fight below 154. You flatly refuse to believe it and, instead, are going all-in on whatever Alvarez's trainer has to say.

Again, when was the last time he heard from team Canelo that they are not willing to fight below 154? He didn't even quote Canelo, no source whatsoever.

Funny, because I could easily find a conflicting quote from Mayweather's trainer.

So, since you buy into whatever a trainer says, the weight doesn't matter to Floyd, right? Or, is it case sensitive? Do you only believe Canelo's trainers now?

There is a clear conflict in what they're saying.

Did Mayweather Sr. said something about actual negotiations in that article? Because I can't find any. You're a strong believer of opinions I see.

As for the article you posted, it has no bearing on current negotiations. When is the last time Mayweather or any other fighter who was considered the biggest PPV draw in the sport (Pacquiao, for instance) had a guaranteed clause for more than the most immediate fight on the table?

I posted that article to show you the reason why team Canelo didn't think Floyd would fight him and not because of what you think and what you feel the reason is.

Why would he say it publicly? Legitimate negotiations aren't done through quotes in the press, which is why I'm questioning Alvarez's trainer going to the press this soon in talks.

Fighters, trainers, promoters, etc. will always present one picture to the public at-large and negotiations are completely separate from that behind closed doors. Why is that a difficult concept to understand?

Reporters asks questions all the time. Why wouldn't he say it if it's the truth?

I don't believe Canelo's team in what they say to the press any more than I do Floyd's team. I put no stock in what Floyd Sr. or Roger say publicly. It means nothing.

Now, a writer with connections to people on the inside of negotiations reporting on something without bias? Yeah, I'll take that all day, every day. So should you.

Can you guess who their connections are? Yeah, that's right.. people who are actually part of the negotiations you know, like trainers.

The guy who knows >>> the guy who has a connection to the guy who knows.

It is hard for me to imagine you just believe everything that comes out of Canelo's camp. If that really is the case, I'm going to assume you feel the same way about Floyd's camp.

Man, believe me, it's even harder for me to imagine that you don't believe what Canelo's trainer has said.

If so, I'll contribute a bunch more quotes. It is hard for me to believe you honestly take that stance, though, so I'm not going to waste my time.

Feel free, I love eating denial for breakfast.
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