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Default Re: Tyson Chandler...everybody's fault but his

Originally Posted by redrich2000
In terms of Chandlers performance, there's no doubt he should be playing better, but hasn't Hibbert always had the potential to be a much better player than what he's produced? Huge body, good athleticism and reasonable touch around the basket. Is it not possible that he is just absolutely playing out of his skin this series? Or finally realising that if he plays more aggressively he is capable of being an absolute beast? I guess we won't know until we see what he does after this but there are two sides to every story.

So how do you explain Kevin Garnett, at age 37, giving him the business. How do you explain him being a no show for the Heat series LAST playoffs despite the Heat not even having a true center?

So instead of everyone being able to focus on the task at hand, you gotta deal with the distraction Tyson Chandler caused with his asinine comments in the media.
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