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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I think it would be incredibly ballsy for him to go all the way up to 154 and take the fight, but I also don't think it is something that people should just expect to happen. Floyd has never come into any fight close to the 154-pound limit. Yes, he has fought there a couple times, but there is a big difference between an older DLH and Cotto (who isn't nearly as big as Canelo) and fighting Alvarez there... A guy who is, quite honestly, probably too big to still be fighting at 154 in the first place and will be a full-fledged middleweight before long.

Hell, I could see Canelo being in line to fight Andre Ward down the road.

If Canelo truly is only interested in the fight at 154, I'd be disappointed if the fight couldn't be made... But I'd also understand why Floyd wouldn't want to do it. He's out-sized a lot of times at welter and he could probably easily move down to 140 if he had to. No one could objectively say Floyd is a 154-pounder. He's just not.

Only problem I have with this is that you've been saying Canelo would pretty much be easy work for Floyd, hes not ready and its not a risky fight. So with a Canelo fight that could be fairly easy and doesn't bring much risk, what's wrong with a fight at 154?
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