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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by SCREWstonRockets
Only problem I have with this is that you've been saying Canelo would pretty much be easy work for Floyd, hes not ready and its not a risky fight. So with a Canelo fight that could be fairly easy and doesn't bring much risk, what's wrong with a fight at 154?
That's my personal opinion, but I could understand why a guy who has just grown into welterweight wouldn't want to step in against a guy weighing 170 pounds the night of the fight. There does come a point where mere size can overcome skill.

JCC Jr. is nowhere near the boxer of Sergio Martinez and, even at his advanced age, he really should have shut Chavez completely out... And he did for 10 rounds. Eventually, though, the massive size difference took its toll.

And this differential would have the potential to be even wider than that. Don't get it twisted... I want to see the fight happen, even if it is at 154. I do think Floyd would win regardless and that would be one hell of a challenge, just in the size and age differences alone (not to mention Canelo being a good fighter).

I'm not saying I don't want the fight to happen... Just that it shouldn't be expected if the only option is 154. I'm pretty sure Mayweather's camp couldn't care less what my personal opinion on the fight is (nor should they).
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