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Default Re: What are you reading?

I'm not sure I came away with a coherent and consistent philosophy out of the book but it did bring up some really interesting idea. I think the most interesting idea was the "quality event" and how it relates to religion (the Buddha) and science. He seems to bring up the idea that there is a subconscious process that underlies reality and the relationship between subject and object. It is hard to really discuss it without sitting down and thinking through it more thoroughly but he establishes a connection between the scientific process (specifically hypothesis generation) and eastern philosophy.

Something interesting that I think he touched upon was how technology creates a subject-object relationship between people. As far as the internet, facebook and messageboards make it easier to view people in terms of surface characteristics and treat them as objects.

The most practical portion of the book comes when he discusses how to improve yourself based on the idea of quality. The philosophy here seems to just be a more elaborate system to describe self-improvement and emotional commitment to life and work.

It was a very good read and I'm sure I will go through it again in a few years. I'll probably check into that philosophy podcast to get their take on things.

Awesome read. It was the first time in years where I burned through the whole thing because I couldn't put the book down. It was really interested to get behind the psychology of Ender. It was very easy to think of the characters and Ender as fully grown adults but then the writing gave powerful reminders of childhood.

Fantastic book that I liked so much that I will avoid the film adaptation.
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