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Default Re: Off season moves

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Keep the core, except Dwight. Like, I'm not really excited about keeping him anymore. He had so many chances last year, but he didn't live up to our expectation. If we could sign him for 8mil, that'd be great. But if they do choose to sign him for 20mil or whatever he wants ... I hope they trade him afterwards --- it's just not worth it anymore.

Get rid of Steve Blake & other guards ... rebuild the roster. Sign players that are known for what they're known for or what they're capable of doing.

Ideal roster for next season:

1 - Nash/(Protege)/(Protege)
2 - Bryant/Korver
3 - MWP/Ariza
4 - Gasol/Frye
5 - Bargnani Or Dwight

We can't be getting PG out of anywhere anymore ... we need to develop them. But Steve Blake & Goudelock are just aren't the one, besides Blake is old now.

If you realize it, Jerry Buss always had Forwards that can shoot (Odom, Gasol, Radmanovic, Brian Cook, Horry & the list goes on...F*** SAMAKI WALKER), and there's prolly a reason for that.

Last year, Gasol was not used properly & he had backup that was only known for his defense & scrappy play.

I guess they just need to build a similar roster from 2011. That roster would prolly workout for D'Antoni's system anyway, everyone was a shooter except for Bynum & Mbenga.

It's either that, or FIRE HIS ASS.

I just don't understand why everyone was so down on Dwight.
Bynum and Rose didn't play a single second while Dwight played since day one after back surgery, barely miss games after a torn labrum and STILL among the LEADERS in rebounds, FG% and blocks.
Is it that smirk? Yes, I hate that too.
Him talking too much to the media? or smiling when they were struggling?
Oh yes.
I ask my friends who also hated Dwight and asked about their favorite centers.
You like Kendrick Perkins? oh yeah, who wouldnt like his toughness and that warrior like body and scowl? His current playoff stats? 2 pts and 4 rebs.
You like Noah, Hibbert, and Chandler?
ALL THESE great guys have less pts and rebounds than Dwight.
Even the guys who are currently thriving like Duncan and Marc Gasol have LESS rebounds than Dwight.
And Yes, DK also pointed out that his strengths are not fully maximized so, it could have affected his psyche but hey, lets just bag on him, that smirk is just so unbearable.
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