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Default Possible significant increase in salary cap and tax threshold?

I'm not claiming this as fact, but I have read in a few places about this, and apparently Mason and Ireland discussed it today (though I did not hear them

Projections are that league revenues for the year ending June 30 have increased 20% over the 2010/2011 season (the last time the cap was adjusted as there was no adjustment in 2011-2012 due to the lockout).
Stern actually said that he expected revenue to top the 5 B mark.

This would mean a corresponding 20% cap and tax increase, with the salary cap raising to about 70M and the tax threshold to 85M.

Although this would not open any cap space for the Lakers this year, it could have a HUGE impact on decreasing the amount of tax the Lakers will owe as a repeat offender. (I have read as much as 100M in tax savings for the Lakers).

This could explain why the Lakers seem OK with keeping Pau, despite some pundits claiming that they must dump him due to tax Armageddon.

And it could offer even more cap space in 2014. and beyond.
I actually think the Lakers will make a full scale push on LBJ (though I think the chances of getting him are slim).

For my part, I think the Lakers operate by a different set of rules due to our huge revenues (namely, the TW deal which reportedly brings in 200M/year alone). I think we are quite fortunate to be fans of a franchise that has won 5 titles in the last 13 years, and 10 in the last 32. I think if we sign Dwight, management has put us in an incredible position to build another dynasty in the coming years.

Next season might be frustrating at times, but the future is very bright!
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