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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us (DC Comics fighter)

Originally Posted by code green
Do you still play MK? We were supposed to throw down and I have no idea why we didn't.
Right? And I played MK9 exclusively until Injustice came out. But really, I haven't been playing much of anything in the past two months, just not much time. When I do play, I've just been chipping away at the Injustice story line, just finished it today.

I am still down to go back to MK9 after I get to train up in Injustice. MK9 is by far my favorite fighting game of all time. Hit me up, my new tag is In Perdition. You playing Injustice at all?

And LoJ, never been a much of Street Fighter player. I stopped play Street Fighter when Arcades started disappearing. To me, the controls of Street Fighter never fit playing with a pad...and I really prefer playing with a pad.
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