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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
You criticize every facet of the team and every game win or lose so anything less than a championship you already hedged your bet. You just hate everything every time makes it easy to say I told you so.

There is no glory when you're so anti-knick in every way everyday.

I hope the Knicks can make something happen.

The team won 54 games check
The team got the 2nd seed check
The team made it out the first round check

We playing with house money.

Rameek. Did I not say from the very beginning that I just want to get out the first round? You can say I don't know basketball. You can criticize my opinions. You can call me cluless. But you can't call me inconsistent or a liar.

I said all season our record is better than our roster. I've said all season we've overachieved. I said all season I just want to get out of the 1st round. I predicted us beating the Celtics in a hard fought 6. I'm upset about the character we are showing but I AM NOT upset about our overall fate this season. I never saw us as a contender. I saw us as an improved team from last year. If that's "hating" then so be it. I'm fairly young but I'm old school at heart. I'm from the era where "hating" was having an opinion. "Hating" is saying our best player sucks and needs to be traded. "Hating" would be me saying the Knicks didn't accomplish shit. Hating would be me coming on here saying "ha ha...the Knicks suck....I told you we stink." I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying I saw the writing on the wall that we weren't as good as our record indicated and that we have some huge issues in our roster. That's it.

Ironically, for most of the season, YOU aggred with me.
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