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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

franchize the only 2 point we really disagree on is this....

melo played well enough during the season to be considered great. melo is not a superstar he has come up small in the playoffs. i think superstars can carry a team.

Superstars performance gets questioned first before anyone.

Most of the year we have made our feelings known what the issues are for the team. But after the trade deadline I have to buy what this team is and see it to the end.

Ride and die with the team. No one likes how this series is going so far but who really thought this team would do what they have done. If people pay attention closely Tyson is hurt bad, Shump knee is hurt, I think Jr & Kenyon were legit sick.

People act like this is a lost season and we only won 33 games. This old one dimensional team with only 2 versatile players did awfully well!!

I wasn't fooled I know what this team is and they are making me proud considering our recent history.
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