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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

First off, I just wanna say FVCK YEA SUCK IT BITCHES

Originally Posted by veilside23
So wiggins will play the 3 and 4 at times for kansas right ?
They have the chance Bill self is a great coach. I do hope though that Self wont pressure Wiggins to stay.

Prolly not gonna see much time at the 4, and yea, KU definitely "has a chance" to be a contender... In fact I think once people see what this kid and this team are capable of it'll be KU and maybe UK as the clear cut favorites. And not only could Self never in a million years convince Andrew too stay, he wouldn't even try.

I dont know if i would put them over Michigan right now but hey its andrew wiggins the next superstar ;)

Lol, we were prolly better than Michigan w/out Wiggins.
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