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Default Re: Write about your best performance in a basketball game (stat-line included )

37 points, 6 assist, 3 steals. Didn't count rebounds. No blocks.

13/22 FG, 6/9 3PT, 5/5 FT. Final score: 76-72 W

That was like 2 weeks ago during the semi-finals of a tournament my friend organized. I choked hard in the finals tho lol, but made up for it in the game
for 3rd place.

We had finished off a game of 21 before the semis started, and I made a shot from three to win it. I felt good about my stroke and started off by hitting a fadeaway three (I suck at threes) with a 6'4 guy draped on me, to beat the shot clock. Needless to say, I stayed hot the rest of the way. Like, during halftime I instructed a teammate on his shooting form and shot a three with his wrong form to show him how it looks. It went in and I couldn't help myself and just started laughing, that feeling when everything goes in is just sick...
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