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Default Re: "and Adrian Peterson had to deal with 8 man boxes all the time because of Ponder"

You can disagree all you want but the examples of this speak for themselves. It's obvious. There's literally numerous (10+) examples of this every year.

Peterson is a prime example of this, he had Brett Favre and a bunch of weapons and had arguably the worst production of his career. He then averages 6 yards a pop and almost breaks the rushing yards record with Ponder and no weapons.

Trust me, Edge wasn't the same runner in Arizona as he was in Indy.

When the decline hits a running back it's obvious. It happened to him that year.

Corey Dillion was a great RB before New England, six year average of like 1250 yards, 4.4 yards per carry.

You could easily make the argument the spike in production was due to running behind one of the best olines in the NFL. That seems far more feasible than playing with Brady, who only tossed the ball under 480 times and 3700 yards. Not like that's a dominant passing attack.
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