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Default Re: Possible significant increase in salary cap and tax threshold?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Please explain what you mean.

I think MJ is talking about the reduction that the players agreed to take under the new CBA.

I still believe we could be looking at a significant increase however.
Again, because of the strike shortened season a year ago, 2010-2011 was the last cap adjustment.
That was a down season, bad economy etc.
Since then:
Economy has strengthened in the US.
Amazingly successful Olympics for the NBA, with the Dream Team etc. This has strengthened the leagues position globally. I have read in many places that global growth for the NBA is incredibly strong.
The creation of the super teams is also good for PR, and ratings. Miami/LAL etc.

Again, Stern projected revenues for the current year would hit 5B, a 20% increase from 2 years ago.
The cap is set at 44.71% of league revenues, divided by 30 teams.
By my calculations, that yields a cap over 70 million, and I have seen the 70 M figure many times.

I'm not saying this is fact, I'm just saying I have seen this in enough places that it may be real.

Also, saw that the Lakers could reduce the impact of the Nash contract in 2014. If he was waived, the Lakers could eat his remaining 10 mil over the next 3 years, reducing the cap hit in 2014 from 10 to 3 mil. I'm not saying they will do it, and if they did I think they would do it respectfully, but it is an option if Nash is simply done by 2014. This would open up even more cap space for us in 2014.

If the cap does increase significantly I think the Lakers will make a big push on Lebron. He is a once in a generation player in his prime. I could even see Kobe coming back at a reduced salary and helping to recruit him.

Either way, we will be in great shape to remake our roster next year and beyond.

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