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Default Offseason plan

If last year's plan was to gut the old bench mob to save money because Rose was going to miss most of if not all of this season that just ended and at the time they were unsure if Deng would miss a significant part of the season or not than the exact opposite should be true this upcoming season. Rose will be back next year. Deng needs to get himself healthy. So the front office/management needs to pony up and spend money this offseason to bring back key guys or get creative this offseason with trades and/or signings to make sure this team is ready to contend next season. Also not lose focus on the draft and make sure we draft someone who can add to the depth and possibly earn minutes in the rotation like we've done a good job of the last couple of drafts. Time is now to spend the money we've been so conservative with to ensure we have a contender. Honestly, not a lot needs to be done. If something were to be done I would hope it would be to increase our chances, but I would be fine with staying put pretty much and resigning guys to what they're worth.

A roster of:

Rose - Hinrich
Butler - Nate
Deng - Bellinelli
Boozer - Gibson
Noah - Nazr

is a good start.

To add to that we need some 3-point shooting and another center and I'm satisfied. That roster completely healthy is a true contender no doubt about it.
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