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Originally Posted by SnakePlissken
Boozer disappointed me. I really hope they amnesty him. Other than that, that's a good roster. If the Bulls can amnesty Boozer and then try and go after Milsap from Utah I'd love it.

Oh and the number one off season plan: Derrick Rose has to regain his muscle memory. Whatever the f*ck that means. No more being a p*ssy next year, Rose.

Don't see the Bulls being the type of organization to amnesty someone.

I've proposed a deal before that I thought could be possible and reasonable for both sides.

Humphries and Brooks from the Nets for Boozer and maybe the Bulls throw in a first round pick.

I'd do it. Saves us some money. Humphries is on a cheaper and shorter deal. Taj could start. Humphries wouldn't be a terrible backup. Marshon is a scorer who can create his own shot and still has potential.
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