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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I think maybe Boozer, rights to Mirotic and the Charlotte pick might get it done. I'd do it.
Simmons has been floating Boozer, Mirotic, Bobcats pick, and Jimmy for Love, and maybe a pick.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind that trade. And to be perfectly honest I wouldn't truly mind trading Deng instead of Boozer if the plan is to amnesty Boozer NEXT offseason anyways. Then they could get Love. Maybe Deng pulls a Hinrich and comes back. If not we'd almost certainly keep Jimmy if Deng was traded. Either way. Rose/Love/Noah. Is a very very very nice big 3. Plus Taj, Teague should prove to be a usable player with the way he already gets into the lane. If nothing else he should be valuable trade piece next season for at least a decent player.

Also of note is that Flip Saunders is absolutely homo for Boozer. And always said Chicago fans were way too rough on the guy. So I'm thinking there's an even better chance of that happening than when Simmons proposed it.
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