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I think Nate comes back. He really seemed like he wanted to be here. Thibs loves/hates/loves the guy as much as anyone. And he was pretty good this year when called upon. I think as long as he doesn't want more than he's actually worth he'll be back. Granted.. unless Kirk starts at the 2 guard and Jimmy goes back to the bench point guard is awfully crowded with Rose back.

I think Dieng is gonna rise up the board starting after today's combine. He actually looks 6'10-11. And given how weak the draft is he's gonna fly up. And unfortunately Hardaway Jr.

I think the Bulls pick an overseas guy again. Lots of guys in our draft slot are Euros: Gobert, Adetokoubo, Sarec, Karasev (a terrific wing player). And a Brazilian: Noguiera. Given the way the Bulls have drafted lately, and the cap situation I think they're gonna go that direction.
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