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Default Re: Tyson Chandler...everybody's fault but his

Originally Posted by Clutch
Melo's injured too but nobody used that as an excuse for his poor shooting.
Also Noah is injured and look how well he played. If Tyson played as half as good we would be up in this series.
Do they have the same injury? Do you even know what Noah's injury is? Medically can they cover up the injury? Does Melo have the same injuries as Tyson?

So your point is moot and comparison is irrelevant.

I know my dude was injured for months. I know my dude played in a small line up with no help in a back up at center or legit power forward until Kenyon arrived. Tyson did his thing sucked it up played when he shouldnt have because there was no one else. When did Tyson come back to play Clutch? Let's start using some common sense here people. Start putting 2 and 2 together.

You can play hurt you're not suppose to play injured. He has and getting criticized for it.

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