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Default Re: Official Celtics Off-Season Thread

This is a lot worse than I had originally thought. They don't have much to trade in for future assets unless you consider Rondo, whose value has certainly dropped after the injury. I don't think much can be done this off season aside from trading our bad players for other bad players with some sort of hidden potential or just trading Rondo for a bunch of building pieces.

After next season, Ainge should heavily consider talking Pierce and Garnett into retirement. Then one or two good free agents could be signed. Only one I see that is decent is Gortat. :/

The lineup for next year's player in contract are as follows (with no changes)

PG - Terry/Williams/Rondo
SG - Bradley/Lee/Crawford
SF - Pierce/Green
PF - Bass/Sully
C - Garnett/Melo

Add one rookie and that equates to 13 players. 12 if Williams does not have his contract guaranteed.
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