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Default Re: Tyson Chandler...everybody's fault but his

Originally Posted by franchize
Noah has plantar fasciitis. That's an injury...not being hurt.

Also, we kept both Earl Barron and Q. Solomon Jones was the one they let go.

That being said, Tyson Chandler hasn't shown me anything for me to believe his play would have been any different whether he's 100% or not. All but one year of his career, Tyson Chandler's production has DECREASED from the regular season to the post season. And that season was NOT the championship year. It was actually his first trip to the playoffs. Should I post the stats again?
I know what Noah's injury is I asked Clutch and still it has nothing to do with Tyson. It still a dumb comparison.

Yeah I saw that Barron was still here after I posted.

I dont care what his career numbers as a Knick are, as if he has been on this team for years before this year it was against Miami . Defense doesnt always show up in stats. This series right now that you all a bitching about is what is up for discussion. Having watched both series and it just dawned on me the last game that he and some other players just arent moving the same.

So considering that he didnt play for almost a month or so because he was injured was there a miracle that he came back healthy for the playoffs in the slightest? No, how do I know because you can see that he just cant move from jump street.

He is gutting it out and I stand by that. If he didnt play who was? Amare, Camby, Wallace, Kurt Thomas, Barron, Solomon? If he didnt play he would have been crucified.

You all make as many post as you like. I am going to back my dude as a Knick fan. I know the guy aint right and if no one else sees it so be it.

Eventually common sense will hit someone here and I know I am not the only one that is observant. His neck and bulging disk is why he cant play right.
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