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Default Re: Make or Break for Sam Bradford?

Originally Posted by TheSilentKiller
Not necessarily make or break for hist job with the Rams, but this is the year where he needs to define himself and set the stage for what his career is going to be. He has to make the jump from meh to good.
okay well he has been "good"

here is the problem, the problem is that fans and media view "TEAM" success and QB success as the same...let's be real, the Rams are going to have a hell of time making the post season next year with the Seahawks and 49ers in their divison who could very well be the 2 best teams in the entire NFL.

what I see happening is THIS...Sam will play "good" with his rookie crew of weapons, around a 85ish passer rating, this will earn him starting spot again the next year because it is the only intelligent move the Rams could make, however fans will wrongfully view him as a crappy QB just like they do right now...that is what I think WILL happen

either way, this year is NOT a 'make or break' year for Sam...not even close
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