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Default players in your streetball court that make you go WOW...

2 guys in my mind that make me go WOW...

These 2 are 5'9 perimter guys.

First one jumps out of the gym, can dunk two handed. Hands down the most athletic player who frequent the court. Hes a good shooter too, strong dribbles. Imagine someone like will bynum in your local court.

Second guy, hands down the most talented offensively talented player i've ever seen. Impeccable footwork, very good strong effective dribbles and he doesn't do too much fancy on the spot dribbles always moving around. He has a kobe-esque turnaround fadeaway and crazy accuracy makes like seemingly every shot. when he drives he goes strong, smack the board.

Wish you guys can witness these two players. Really very good, skill-wise they are better or on par with NBA perimeter players, its just that in a 5'9 body their skill set won't translate.
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