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Default Re: We'll win this series...

Originally Posted by Rameek
Clutch I have an issue with some things you are saying. First you just said exactly what Tim Legler said almost to the tee.

Then whats with the "we" stuff you jumped off the wagon.

First of all I don't even know who Tim Legler is,probably some analyst. I live outside of US so I don't have opportunity to watch Sportscenter or your other shows (I don't even watch halftime shows because they don't show it on League Pass) so you're really don't have a clue if you think I copy what some other people say.

And what's the deal with me jumping off the wagon ? I was always a Knicks fan and I always will be. Just because I don't think the Knicks are going to win it doesn't make me any less fan than you or anybody else.
Knicks games are usually at 1-2 am in my country and last until 3:30-4:30 am.
85% of you "American" Knicks fans wouldn't watch Knicks games if they were played at that time.

Since I started to watch them they've pretty much sucked so I don't have really high expectations because losing is mostly what I got from this franchise. Still I root for them but I won't predict them any big success until they prove they can do it.
They got past the 1st round and that's all I asked from them this season. Anything else is a bonus. Although I didn't expect them to play so bad against the Pacers,I predicted Knicks in 6 at the start of the series but after I've seen how badly they played I changed my mind.

You should be embarrassed by your post. Accusing me of two things I didn't do. First get your facts right before accusing someone of "copying words of some analyst I don't even have an opportunity to listen" and jumping off the wagon despite watching every Knicks game even though they are so late at night.

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