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Default Re: We'll win this series...

Originally Posted by Clutch
You should be embarrassed by your post. Accusing me of two things I didn't do. First get your facts right before accusing someone of "copying words of some analyst I don't even have an opportunity to listen" and jumping off the wagon despite watching every Knicks game even though they are so late at night.
I dont get embarrassed but I call stuff like I see it. You dont like it tough. You the one bitching and moaning and your words said the series was over. Not just in this thread but another thread.

You should be embarrassed to say you're a Knick fan if you want it out there like that. But I didnt go there. You have the right to say and show your support anyway you like. But if I was really trying to get at you and get ratchet I would have questioned your fan hood. I stopped short there because its not my place.

Like I said it takes all types.

I love (No Mo) Franchize and we call each other out that's what makes it fun. I want Franchize on board lets lead the charge and support to the team.
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