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Default Re: Watch Dogs - Open World Gameplay Premiere Commentary

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Maybe a dumb question, but do you know if this game is a true representation of Chicago? Authentic streets through and through? Or is it Chicago like GTA V will be Los Angeles, as in "It is, but it isn't."?

I haven't had an issue with the prospect of returning to Los Santos up to this point because from the looks of it, it may have very little in common with PS2's San Andreas. It appears so vast and so rich in detail that I don't get the feeling I'll ever be playing and get to a point and say, "Oh man, that's so San Andreas." To put it succinctly, it looks like it might as well be a new city, just as "Liberty City" in IV had very little in common with Liberty City in III. The difference, of course, is S.A. was able to closer reflect L.A. than III was able to reflect NYC, but the premise remains the same.

That said, I certainly wouldn't mind a new locale. As a local, I'd push the city of Detroit for it's gritty outskirts, solid downtown, river border/international border, Ambassador Bridge, uppity suburbs, historic structures, abandoned yet beautiful historic structures, and Robocop.

I don't know if this is a street for street version of Chicago, but from what I've seen it looks it. The bridges and river in particular. I honestly didn't know it was set in Chicago, but when I saw the trailer, I said "Hey ... that's Chicago!", which is enough for me.
I too am not too upset with LA. I just wanted something else. But its fine. The original Liberty City was also so much longer ago than the original San Andreas. We've also seen a version of LA from Rockstar in LA Noir not long ago.

As far as the gameplay, I'm also hoping for variation. As said, hacking to screw up traffic lights and cause accidents is fine, but there's gotta be more. And at the same time, I don't want it to be a one mission pony. But what I'm hoping is that I can use the skills I've aquired to beat missions in a variety of ways.
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