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Default Re: We'll win this series...

I watch the games and I have my own opinion. SO TWO PEOPLE CAN'T HAVE THE SAME OPINION ?
I don't care what other people say,especially not the analysts from ESPN for who I think they suck (most of them).
You can agree or disagree with my thoughts but don't say I copy it from someone other. I don't accuse you of doing that despite thinking that most of your posts suck and are just wrong.

Yeah,I said the series is over because I really think so. Knicks just looked outmatched and didn't even come close to winning games 1,2 and 4.
Woodson looked clueless,everyone was bricking shots and we got smashed on the boards while our "DPOY" was being anally raped by Roy Hibbert.
Now with George Hill being out there's some chance but I still think Indy wins at home and ends our season.

I don't need you or anyone to rant about me not being a fan. Put yourself in my position and I'm sure you wouldn't even watch 80% of the games.
You were the one that said this team sucks at the start of the season and predicted us to win 42 games or so. So don't pull this "I always believed in them" type of sh*t.
I think Sarcastic was the only one who predicted them to be so successful in the regular season and even he had some change of hearts about Woodson (great when we're winning,sucks when we're losing).

I'm pessimistic about the Knicks because they've been losing since I've started to watch them and I'll continue to be until they prove me they can do something big. This is actually the first time they've won a playoff series since I've been a fan. The last time they won a series I was still a kid who went to sleep at 10 pm at best.

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