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Default Re: The Office Appreciation Thread.

Last night's finale was actually pretty outstanding. I know a lot of TV shows struggle as to how to bookend a glorious run, and I know The Office has been a little iffy for the past few seasons, but the finale brought everything together wonderfully. It had an old-school, early season Office feel and hit just about every thing it needed to hit, and in wonderful fashion.

With it all said and done, I believe my favorite seasons were 1-5. Once Sabre began moving in during season 6, things began getting a little weird but I was still enjoying the show in many instances. Season 7 was unique only because I was drawn to the Michael Scott exit, though I was again underwhelmed. Then season 8 had nearly zero redeeming qualities while season 9 was relatively mediocre, but kept me involved because I wanted to see how things wrapped up. Again, the last two episodes of season 9 (particularly the finale) were almost enough to redeem the previous seasons.
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