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Default Re: Official Celtics Off-Season Thread

Originally Posted by ballup
This is a lot worse than I had originally thought. They don't have much to trade in for future assets unless you consider Rondo, whose value has certainly dropped after the injury. I don't think much can be done this off season aside from trading our bad players for other bad players with some sort of hidden potential or just trading Rondo for a bunch of building pieces.

After next season, Ainge should heavily consider talking Pierce and Garnett into retirement. Then one or two good free agents could be signed. Only one I see that is decent is Gortat. :/

The lineup for next year's player in contract are as follows (with no changes)

PG - Terry/Williams/Rondo
SG - Bradley/Lee/Crawford
SF - Pierce/Green
PF - Bass/Sully
C - Garnett/Melo

Add one rookie and that equates to 13 players. 12 if Williams does not have his contract guaranteed.

if its only up to me .. prolong rondo's injury tank to the max.. i am that serious on andrew wiggins
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