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Default Re: We'll win this series...

Clutch you need to take a deep breath sometimes. It's not impossible to win in Indiana. I've seen places in the NBA it's impossible to win in. Literally, years where you had no chance and you might as well give it up. Is NY impossible to win in? Because we had a better home record than Indiana?

Second, the purpose was for the Knicks this year to move forward. if we get better next year from this (and why can't we?) we'd be a team conference final bound. That's the point, no?

Third, being so negative (like you are ALWAYS, not just now) makes no sense as a fan. You basically are upset about losing before you lose. How do you have any enjoyment at all?

Here's the deal, if we win tonight, and you come back and say WOE IS ME WE WILL LOSE GAME 7, i'll never take anything you say seriously again because your whole shtick will just be to be negative for the sake of being negative.
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