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Default Re: We'll win this series...

Originally Posted by Clutch
Can you clarify this part ? Did you think I was a true fan before but you don't think so anymore ? Or you still think I'm a true fan ?
I didn't quite get what you said.

I don't blame any of you for tearing me a new one because of my negativity. I probably deserve it. Like I said,this forum is a place for me to vent because I get pretty upset about sport teams I root for. I never switch teams or stop watching them,it's just that I expect the worst and hope for the best.
It pissed me off that you called the series before it was over. if airchibundo507 came in and said some stuff like that I would take it with a grain of salt. He isnt a knick fan he is a melo fan that is down now.

You on the other hand are better than that. Ride or die time. For you to throw the team under the bus was like WTF...

I didnt think any true fan after all the knicks organization has been through and for us to achieve so much with so little would ever call it a series and then expect to come back in here like it's all love.

All statements made by Rameek are not those of this forum, moderator, or other posters

Originally Posted by franchize
End of the day, if every just comes in here and says "Go Knicks" when things are going good, this board would be wack. We have one of the best team boards because we have some knowledgeable Knicks fans with a variety of opinions. Sharing said opinion, regardless of whether it's congratulatory or critical, is what drew me to become a regular on here. Rameek, Knickscity and I have gotten into some HEATED debates numerous times. I've also ripped trolls a new one on their behalf and vice versa. I think we need to all be mindful of the big difference between being critical and being a bandwagon rider. I have discussed hoops with Clutch enough over time to feel confident that he IS NOT the latter.

Oh I dont think he is a bandwagon dude....??
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