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Default Re: We'll win this series...

I just wanted them to get out of the 1st round. Anything else is a bonus.

They played with poor effort in games 1,3 and 4. Indiana got like a million rebounds more and got all the loose balls.
I can tolerate losing to a better team but it really pisses me off when they play with no effort. They just didn't look like a team who wants to win the series. Indiana did.

Personally I don't think Indiana is a better team,I actually predicted Knicks in 6 before the series (look it up if you don't believe me).
The thing is that they are a better coached team and the Knicks played as bad as they can. Everyone was bricking shots and Tyson showed how overrated he is. The thing that all of them are hurt didn't help either.
Knicks were getting dominated and were showing no fight at all. I can't believe if they don't believe.

Show some effort tonight and I'll believe. That's all I ask. EFFORT.
It's not a shame losing to a better team. But it's a shame losing when you don't try.

The two games Knicks didn't get destroyed on the glass they won.
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