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Default Re: We'll win this series...

It's easy to cop-out and say "i just want a win the first round and done" team.

There's no accountability and no pressure, since the players and organization knows the fanbase in general dont want anything better.

But for me, I've watched the Knicks longer than some of you guys have been ALIVE.

I've seen Clyde play live, of course not a Knick, Bernard King during his epic run in 84 against the Pistons and Celtics.....obviously Ewing and the pretty good days, and of course the Isiah years.

With that said, I give stars leeway when I recognize their teams have flaws, but that does not excuse the star and THEIR PLAY.

Great teams start with their best players, and if there is that star player, he must produce especially when the pressure is on.

There is no EXCUSE for the star being subpar at this stage of the season.

No one looked at Truck Robinson as the reason why the Knicks couldn't beat the Celtics, because BK was putting up over 30 ppg with rificulous accuracy, and Cartwright he doing his thing as well.

Ewing was blamed harshly at times, but no one missed the finger roll but Ewing, among countless failed predictions, and the Knicks did not always lose to the best team in their playoff runs.

But thing the Knicks greats or their fans can never say....that they were "carried".....and you would never hear them say they got outworked and didn't bring effort.

The Knicks greats all produced and left it all out there, that is why I personally hold Carmelo Anthony primarily responsible for the success and failures of this Knicks team.

It all begins in his hands if he is indeed a star with superstar talent.

Losing to the Pacers would be a FAILURE, but it does not have to be that way.

The Knicks will win the series if the star player plays as one with the stage being as big as it is, and everyone else will follow.

get the job done.
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