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Default Re: do air jordan releases still draw a long line?

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
I would have posted this in Sneaker forum, but it's dead and this is more of a sociological question. Are people still flocking to shoe stores for these things, or has the hype died down?

I haven't ever owned a pair, but I kind of want to buy the fire red 5's when they drop in late August.

Bro i got those from like 2004 release the bottom turns piss yellow and now they make the bottom with this blue tint doesn't look good with the red they are nick named fire reds 5s for a reason.

and to answer your question yes people camp out still for retros like crazy so make sure u buy in the release date or you will be sorry when they sell out.

EDIT: 2006 release i meant. Oh and by the way they look better with black laces for an alternative look. Your welcome.

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