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Default We didn't win...reflections

For those of you throwing things around your living room, when i was small and having a fit the Knicks lost my dad told me "Never get that upset over a game you aren't getting paid to play." So take a deep breath, drink some beers, get some sympathetic grope from some (strange or familiar) person and take note that for the first time since I've been an ISH member, the Knicks season ended painfully, but not without promise.

Melo needs more help, we need to go out and get some. At the very least keep all our assets and hope someone shakes lose during the offseason. I like JR, he's stupid but not afraid. Try to keep Copeland, also stupid and not afraid. Shump looks like a star in the making. Our bigs, they suck. We need youth and size. Camby, Kidd, not sure what to do with them. I'd like Kenyon back (again stupid and not afraid). Chandler is a topic for another day, and Amare is unfortunately not a topic that anything can be done about.

So don't rant and rave and write 3,000 words about what the Knicks must do that for when you are calmer. And don't be too upset because sports end 99% of the time with your team losing. That's just how it is.

See ya soon...i doubt i post much in the rest of the playoffs, it's pretty horrendous going forward. I am off to play Monster Hunter Online while drunk.
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