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5) New Orleans Pelicans:
What I think will happen: Trey Burke - So same four off the board in both layouts now. Noel, McLemore, Bennett, and Porter. New Orleans is starting to put something together here. Davis showed flashes are star power last year, and Ryan Anderson is a great fit, and both are tied up for a long time at good numbers. Eric Gordon is youíre SG, like it or not. At that price, heís gonna be hard to dump, and thereís still hope he can fulfill his potential. You could go Olidipo and try to move Gordon, or just count on Gordon getting hurt, as usual, I think you could start considering Shabazz Muhammad here, as a guy who can get Buckets on his own from the SF spot, seeing as the PF canít create, only space, and the Center is still someone who excels feeding off of others. But it seems like this is a spot where the tier ends. And as much as a great story as Grevies Vasques was last year, heís not the long term answer at PG for this young team. Burke gives them a really nice size combo with Gordon. Both guys are similar in their versatility, both in size and ability to play both on and off the ball, and they could be a mess to defend. As with Porter, this would also be my What I would do selection, although Iíd think long and hard about Shabazz, a player who frankly Iím not that fond of, but I think would fit well here with what theyíre building. And I wouldnít be shocked if ownership leaned that way either, because they probably have more of a connection with Vasquez than I do, so maybe theyíd be less inclined toward Burk than me even, but that would be a tough call.

6) Sacramento Kings:
What I think will happen: Olidipo - Another team that is just an unmitigated mess. The only position on here where theyíd be hard pressed to upgrade at this point would be Boogie Cousins at center. Theyíve got a ton of shoot first wings and mid level PFs. Unfortonately the general perception at this point would be that there arenít any PFs worth taking that would be a huge upgrade except maybe Zeller. A PG would be great, although I know they like Isiah Thomas, a bigger one that allowed him to be a change of pace would be super. Theyíd probably prematurely ejaculate should Burke somehow fall. You could maybe argue for Micheal Carter Williams, but youíve already got Tyreke Evans as the second most talented guy on the roster, who canít shoot and needs the ball. I think this team goes Olidipo. Heís the safest pick. Heíll defend like hell and work his ass off, and maybe he can rub off culturally on this group. He doesnít need the ball to be successful. He can catch and shoot and space the floor and defend like hell.
What I would do: Dennis Schroeder - Hereís where I through a monkey wrench into this whole thing. If Iím running Sacramento, first Iím hoping I just got the job and didnít put myself in this position, because itís not pretty, but secondly, Iím saying **** it and blowing the thing up. Iím willing to keep working on Boogie Cousins, because bigs of that quality are exceptionally hard to find. And thereís no other bigs worth talking about in this draft with that sort of upside. Iím taking Dennis Schroeder. If he stays in Germany another year, super. Weíve got money problems anyway, I donít have to pay for him for a year, and he can keep improving on someone elseís dime, while I let some of these contracts I have melt away another year (they donít even have a any good expirers coming up other than Tyreke). Now you could argue MCW is a better prospect at this position (and I am a Syracuse fan), but I like Schroederís fit better. Heís a better athlete from what Iíve seen, which is limited, but heís got more aggression. Heís an end changing PG. Has great length to make up for the size gap with MCW. He appears to be a premium defender in the making. And while his jumper doesnít look great, heís shooting 40% on the season from 3 overseas, while MCW jumper is a legitimate problem. Heís enough of an end changer that you could maybe convince Tyreke and Boogie to run with him, and then you may have a foundation. If not, you can feel more comfortable letting Tyreke walk in at seasonís end than you would had you selected say Olidipo, who doesnít have much in the way of ball skills, or someone like Cody Zeller. As for Isiah Thomas, you now have a really cheap backup on the books for a couple years that you may be able to move for a first rounder to a team on the fringe of contention, and that becomes an asset.

7) Detroit Pistons:
What I think will happen: CJ McCollum - Detroit has gotta be pretty pleased with the way things have gone of late drafting in this range. Drummond, Monroe, and Brandon Knight all look like Building blocks. Leaving the wings as the spots to fill, and even there young Kyle Singler looked like an asset last year. With the way I think the board will fall, most of the value is being projected as bigs here. Zeller, Alex Len, Rudy Gobert, Mason Plumlee, Kelly Olynek, all are projected in this range. I just canít see the Pistons going in that direction. I think they go CJ McCollum, and hope they get another version of Steph Curry. The guy is undoubtedly a premium shooter. And his ball handling is bordering on PG level. He obviously lacks some physical traits, but Iím guessing theyíd hope Brandon Knight could cover some of that up defensively, while CJ can work both as a weakside shooter, and as a primary ball handler off of Knight. He also works well off of Monroe as a shooter and cutter, and as an extra facilitator for Drummond, whoíll probably need to be fed his whole career to a degree.
What I would do: Shabazz Muhammad - I feel like I may need to stop writing this, because the more I do, the more I talk myself into Muhammad. All of the media snowballing about the guy being a me first player, I sort of believe it. And on top of that, I was a little underwhelmed by Shabazz physically at times when I saw him last year. But at some point talent wins out. Weather heís an elite athlete at the next level or not is perhaps up for debate, but I know heís at least above average, and I could hope for more depending upon how I felt about his conditioning after finally getting cleared to play. His bully stlye mid range game at SF is a nice pairing next to Monroe who can really facilitate from the 4. They can run something of an inverted game. Iíd like him to be a better passer to work with Drummond more, but weíre picking seven now in a warty draft as it is. He reminds me a little of Adrian Dantley, which may appeal to some old time Detroitites.

8) Washington Wizards:
What I think will happen Alex Len - The Bullets really started looking good last year, and when you consider primary minutes out of what appears to be a finally developing Wall, Beal, Nene and Okafor up front, and then a combo of Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza up front, thatís not a bad line up. The back court is set. And Nene is making too much money for him to go too far anywhere. Okafor is probably this year and then bought out though, and an upgrade at SF would be nice. Hereís a spot where Muhammad might fit. But I think the Wiz take advantage of all the size in this draft and go big here. Another local fit, Alex Len comes from Maryland, and can be a legit post presence down the road. I donít know how great a fit he is next to Nene. Neither are real defenders, and neither is a floor spacer. But now youíd have two low post threats in a league where a lot of teams have none, and maybe you start envisioning yourself as Memphis Grizz East. Zeller may be the safer pick, and he probably moved himself up some boards this week by testing great physically, so perhaps they go that way, especially with Len already having foot issues (nothing like a big with bad feet), but for now Iíll guess the local ties, extra size, and truer post game, are enough to get Len off the board first.
What I would do: Cody Zeller - In this version, Muhammad is gone, I took him last pick. But Olidipo is still falling down the board hard. McCollum is still around too. But CJ needs the ball too much for a team with this much talent in its backcourt already, and he just doesnít have the physical chops to slide down to the three, nor does Beal really, whoís already a little undersized. Olidipo would be considered a steal at this point Iím guessing, but he too doesnít really have the size to slide down to the three, and heís not a good enough prospect to supplant Beal. Iíd consider Gober as a draft and stash kinda deal, but this team got burnt by Vesley not long ago going foreign, and theyíre really on the cusp of being too good to afford stashing a developmental player. Iíd go Zeller, who lacks upside, but heís the best running big man in this draft. Heís not a post player, but heíll get from rim to rim faster than anyone his size, and with Wall and Beal pushing tempo, I see him as a real asset. Sure he doesnít have the upside of Len as a post threat, but this team could use a win, not more waiting. If Len were a surer thing, and not saddled with health issues already, then maybe, but as it sits, Iíd take Zeller.
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