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9) Minesota Timberwolves:
What I think will happen: Rudy Gobert - This team has some real money issues to figure out. Love has his opt out in a couple years. And theyíve gotta decide what Pecovic is worth after next season. That could put them in a position to go big. PG is all set. And their probably isnít a SF worth putting in the way of Derrick Williams at this point, even Muhammad, particularly considering Andrei Kirelenko could play well for you at either forward spot next year. SG is ugly, but thereís not a lot here at this point to use. This team has a pretty good record going overseas, and I could see them going Gobert here. If he stays, great. I wann see Love next to Peco next season anyway to decide what theyíre each worth. This really is to provide insurance for Peco. In a year when someone offers him more than the Wolves are willing to pay, considering theyíve got a max deal for Love coming right behind it probably, and Rudy lurking too, youíve got a big now whoís been in your system a year you can develop. You could do the same with Len, who I have gone, or Zeller too. But both those guys lack what Iím sure theyíd be hoping to get defensively next to Love. Although Zellerís running would prove interesting next to Rudy.
What I would do: Olidipo - Well here Iíve got two really nice options. Both Olidipo and McCullum are still on the board. And both fit a need perfectly. If I were running the Wolves, frankly Iíd be wishing one were gone so I didnít have to think about it. Rudy is a very good defender, but not physical. Olidipo would cover that, while McCullum would create some issues on that end. Olidipo could run with Rudy, and space the floor and cut hard with so many good passers out there with him. But McCullumís shooting and creativity would add a crazy dimension to this team. Theyíd be so much fun to watch. Shooters and passing and ball handling all over the place. Iíd just be worried thereís wouldnít be enough ball to go around to optimize everyone considering what Iíd be giving up defensively, so ultimately Iíd play it safe and take Olidipo.

10) Portland Trailblazers:
What I think will happen: Shabazz Muhammad - This is a tough spot for Portland. The draft is deep on bigs, but Lamarcus Aldridge is a franchise face for them at PF, and they just used a first rounder last year on Meyers Leonard, whoís at least as good a prospect as all the depth floating around big man wise at this point. Taking a shot at Schroeder or MCW makes no sense with Damien Lillard on board. That leaves them with the wing spots. The only one left is Muhammad in this version. It could be worse. Itís not impossible all of them are gone at this point, and theyíre seriously considering depth up front vs. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. They just gave a good sum of money to Nick Batum, and they have three more years of Wes Mathews left too. Both players I like, but neither guys who can score with Shabazz. He can fit in a rotation with those guys pretty well and add a dimension to that team that it lacks at the moment in the half court.
What I would do: CJ McCullum - In this version, the last man standing wing wise is McCullum. Boy this would look good next to Lillard. A second banana who could spread the floor, and handle it enough to let Lillard run off some screens himself at times. Now it may be the worst defensive backcourt in the league, but with Batum and Wes to rotate in, who are both good defenders, you could make a rotation start to work.

11) Philadelphia 76ers:
What I think will happen: Zeller - This is a tough one to predict, because so much is dependent on what becomes of Andrew Bynum. PG we know theyíre happy with, seeing as they gave Jrue Holiday a bunch of money, so at least happy enough not to be looking MCW or Schroeder here. Thad Young is tied up for three years, they took Arnett Moultrie who did nothing I saw last year, and Hawes is around still up front. Wing wise Iím sure they still donít know what they have in Evan Turner. Basically they could go anywhere. To me the best bet for them would be Zeller at this point. The only wing that would make any sense would be Pope. And his shooting would be a nice match with Holiday. But Zeller protects them with Bynum some, and gives them the freedom and leverage to decide what type of a deal if any they really want to do with him. If they took Pope and Bynum walked, you just added a luxury piece in a shooter to a horrible roster. Zeller still runs the floor great for a big, and his athleticism (which measured nearly worth calling off the charts) would pair up well both running with Jrue, and next to Hawes, and if need be, he actually fits at PF next to Bynum, which most of the other bigs donít.
What I would do: Mason Plumlee (with a few exceptions depending on what I know about Bynum) - The way this version played out, I donít have the luxury of Zeller being here, who I feel fits great because he works with or without Bynum coming back. All the wings worthy of this spot are gone unless you really like Pope (Although Iím giving big thought to Sergey Karesev, who Iíd definitely take here if I can get a Bynum deal done before the draft). As it stands, Iíd probably take a lesser version of Zeller in Mason Plumlee. Heís another top notch athlete for a big, although he didnít record as well Zeller, and heís rawer in the half court, and heís older. If I know full well Bynum is walking, I probably go Len, as heís the best genuine post player.

12) Oklahoma City Thunder:
What I think will happen: Gorgoi Deng - This should be a fun pick. Adding a late lotto pick to a title contending team, but instead itís just depressing. This just isnít a good enough draft to produce a difference maker to a roster like this at this point. And frankly even if they won the lotto, Iím not sure theyíd find someone as valuable as The Beard. At this point there isnít even anyone as good a prospect as Jeremy Lamb was last year. And on top of that, thereís not a lot of great fits. OKC will probably look at this depth among bigs as a way to help reinforce themselves against the bully tactics they faced from Memphis this year. Perkins is all but useless on the offensive end of the court, and isnít great on the other end at this point. Ibakaís a good helpside defender, but he canít hold up against post players. Collison is a very good bench asset, but heís a bench asset. Iíve got Len, Gobert, and Zeller all gone already. That leaves you choosing from Plumlee, Kelly Olynek, Gorgoi Deng, Steven Adams, or Jeff Withey. Honestly against the Grizz Hasheem Thabeet may be as good a post defender as any of them. I suppose you could look defensive wing help like Pope, Archie Goodwin, Jamal Franklin, Glenn Rice, or Allen Crabbe, but most of those guys are limited on one side or the other, or have some other glaring wart. Put it this way, Iím not sure any of those guys are a better option at SG next year than Jeremy Lamb. I also think they saw enough good from Reggie Jackson to not feel like chasing a PG to backup Russ, although MCW has the size to play next to him, and could run PnR like Harden, but Christ can he not shoot. This is also a team that has done a good job rolling itís assets, and taking a foreigner it knows it can stash, and potentially trade down the road, is also an option, with Karasev and Giannis Adetokunbo being the two biggest upside guys. At the end of the day I think they go Deng because heís the best defender of the bigs, and heís actually shown some offensive ability to pass and knock down the jumper from the elbow.
What I would do: Giannis Adetokunbo - Well, I wouldnít have traded James Harden to start, but again, this is the hand Iíve been dealt. I think at this point, Iíd really swing for the fences and take Adetokunbo. From what Iíve read, it seems realistic that heíll spend two years overseas seasoning. I actually like Karasev better as a prospect, but thereís less upside there. Giannis is a freak of a physical specimen. 6-9 with a 7-4 wingspan, and giant hands, and he has some perimeter skills, an instinct for playmaking, along with potential to be a defensive menace. If Iím OKC, Iím looking for this kid to blow up overseas to the point where I can trade him and move into the first round of a better draft for a more direct need. I donít believe any of the available bigs help enough for a team of this quality, although Deng would be my choice among them for the reasons I cited above, so Iíd take one big swing here.
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