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18) Atlanta Hawks:
What I think will happen: Sergei Karasev – (*Actually, he’d switch these picks, because if you’re gonna stash a guy, you’d want it to be the one making more, albeit just a hair more) After taking the big first, I imagine Danny Ferry gambles on a perimeter guy now. I think his choice would be Larkin to push Teague in his contract year, or go foreign with Karasev or Adetokunbo, knowing he could stash him and still have a rookie on the roster. Coming out of the SA front office, I could see him going foreign and stashing. He knows that value. Like I said, Karasev has some known qualities, like he can shoot, he’s got legit size, and his instincts are good. If he never develops athletically, at least you still have some known qualities. Adetokunbo is much more upside, as discussed above. But I think Ferry would go with the surer Karasev.
What I would do: Dario Saric - Well, I still have Pope here, he’d be by far the highest rated player on the general concensus board, and he’s a local guy. But he’s too similar to Jenkins. I’ve got three guys on my roster beyond this year, I can’t duplicate one with my two first round picks, especially if the guy isn’t a notable upgrade. I like Glen Rice, but I’m not sure he’s big enough to provide full time SF duties, same with Jamaal Franklin, who’d bring a nice defensive identity to the short roster. Larkin I also understand. I like the idea of stashing at this point too. So I think I’d take Dario Saric. A sort of old fashioned “he’s a 6-10 PG in Europe” kind of prospect. At 6-10, he really is a perimeter SF who can hopefully become a mismatch inside some. Creative vision and ball handling, but streaky shooter at best. You’re hoping for Ersen Ilyasova down the road.

19) Cleveland Cavaliers:
What I think will happen: Glen Rice Jr. – This would be an interesting case. Rice basically rescuing his reputation after being asked to leave Georgia Tech by playing in the D’League. We know he’s a got real physical assets, and he can shoot. He had a great season in the DLeague, and he could provide something similar to what Waiters does at the other wing spot. I already have the Cavs going with a bigger more traditional SF in Porter earlier in the lotto, so this would give them some flexibility to go big or small, and depth at SG too. If there were better bigs available at this point, like Deng or Olynek, I could see them going that way. I could even envision them chasing Adams’ potential. I don’t see Withey as something they’d want, but maybe.
What I would do: Pope – I still have Pope hanging around on this board, and he’s just too good a value at this point. With a PG like this, you have to value shooting. I talked earlier about not loving the Waiters fit as a starter, I could actually see Pope starting next to Irving, while Waiters became the primary offense off the bench, with a shooting minded PG like Boobie Gibson just there to spread the floor.

20) Chicago Bulls:
What I think will happen: Jamaal Franklin - Pickens are getting pretty thin at this point if you’re the Bulls, but the good news is that if you went through the season, and post season, they just did, you’re not afraid of depth. There’s no one available that’s cracking the Rose, Butler, Deng, Boozer, Noah starters, or the Heinich, Taj Gibson bench duo, and probably no PG worth trying to develop drastically more valuable than Marques Teague, and that’s the roster. Any vets they sign will be better than what’s here too. But there is one player that looks like a Chicago Bulls player to me. Jamaal Franklin is a very limited shooter, and I’m not crazy about him handling the ball, but if you put him next to Rose he’ll run with him for sure, and I can guarantee you he will go out and defend and compete at a level Tom Thibadeu will be happy with. He’s not too unlike what Jimmy Butler the draftee was. Deng is in his last season, and with Butler’s development, and the presence of Franklin, the Bulls may be more comfortable letting him go down the line.
What I would do: Olynek - Again, I get to make an extra choice here. I can go Rice or Franklin. And I also have Olynek who’d realistically be the last player left from the tier above. My gut would say take Olynek. He moves well enough that I feel like he could be taught up by Thibs to defend in his ultra help scheme. And offensively he does a lot of the ball friendly things Noah does. But he just doesn’t seem tough enough to fit in there, which may not be fair just because he’s thin and white and has long hair and wears a headband and went to Gonzaga. Choosing between Franklin and Rice, I think I’d take Rice feeling like the extra shooting will help, and Thibs and Rose can keep him in line and the defensive culture will bring him up toward Franklin since they’re similar athletes. **** it … with that roster moving forward and Olynek as a prospect, I’m taking him and making Thibs work out the toughness issues. The guy works for me. It just makes more sense. There’s no depth behind Booze, Noah, Taj. I know they were depleted, but they had Nazr ****ing Mohammad playing significant minutes in the postseason.

21) Utah Jazz:
What I think will happen: Allen Crabbe - I guessed them going with MCW earlier, which puts Larkin on the back burner here, unless they hired Khaaaannnnnn!!!! after he left Minnie, and they’re gonna just keep taking PGs. But with PG taken, they have a few other ways to go. It’s nice to have a couple young bigs, but you need more than two, even if you do bring back one of the two FA bigs. But there’s not a lot left here, unless you want another project in Adams, or you have an affinity for Withey, which they may at this point. I think they’ll look for more shooting instead, especially if they took MCW earlier. One of the reasons I think Pope will fall (on both my guess board and my “what I would do” board is because I think there are a couple guys close in quality later. Both Allen Crabbe of Cal and Reggie Bullock of UNC. Crabbe’s a little quicker, and probably a little better pure shooter. Bullock is a little bigger, and probably has a little more pop in his body around the hoop. Archie Goodwin is still out there and pretty highly regarded, but his body of work is muddled. I think they’ll go Crabbe with Hayward already more of a SF. He’s at least as good a prospect as John Jenkins was when Atlanta took him last year. A really good shooter.
What I would do: Larkin – In this version, I went with Karasev as possibly a stash, but he may come over. Part of the reason for that was because I liked the idea of having those shooters around later to choose from, or Larkin, who feels like a great fit. Sure he’s small, but he’s tough, and he’s shown he’s got some genuine leadership attributes, whatever that means. He can shoot it, and he measures out as a super athlete, to make up for the size issue some. So do you like my Karaslev/Larkin haul better, or MCW / Crabbe take? I think it’s close.

22) Brooklyn Nets:
What I think will happen: Bullock - They’re certainly not gonna do anything to help themselves at PG, SG, or C at this stage. But Reggie Evans is a great guy to have on the team, and not someone I’d want to see in an alley, but he doesn’t belong starting on a playoff team. And Gerald Wallace was a guy who relied on his athleticism way too long ago on a Kings team that featured a roster of mostly players who aren’t in the league anymore, which is an indication of how much mileage he’s got. They need shooting. They had Keith Bogans, who I think played with Nazr Mohammad in college, Jerry Stackhouse, who was on NBA TV two years ago, and Mirza Tellatubby all trying to space the floor for them at one time or another last year. I’ve already talked about shooters available here. Tony Mitchell comes to mind as a replacement for Evans, he’s got the physical chops. I’m just not sure his offensive credentials can be used next to Lopez, and what you need next to Brook is a defender / rebounder type, and that might not be in Mitchell’s head. I also like Livio Jean-Charles as a garbage man type of PF who seems like he could run with this team, but not need to get in Lopez’ way. And CJ Leslie as a guy who could maybe take time from both of the Nets’ dud starters for a time at a while, and maybe stretch the floor as a PF for Lopez a little. Neither of them help on the defense rebounding front though. Perhaps that’s not an option at this stage. In the end I think they go with Bullock happily. The extra size compared to Crabbe make his spot at SF a little easier next to JJ.
What I would do: Rice - I don’t disagree with my own imaginery thinking up there. This team could use more shooting. But I still have Rice on this side. I feel like Rice has more physical upside, so I’d go here.
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