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27) Denver Nuggets:
What I think will happen: Saric At this point, Saric is just way too much the best prospect left to leave behind. The Nuggets are really good, and there just isnt a ton available thats gonna help them. They can stash Saric and hope he resolves issues they run into moving forward, either on his own, or as a trade chip. Pretty much the entire team is under contract for next year, unless Iggy thinks he can get better than 16M next year, and really hes not being replaced here anyway.
What I would do: Jean-Charles - For the same reasons I say above, Id love to stash someone with this pick if Im running Denver. But apparently I like that idea more than I figure they do in real life, because Ive taken most of those guys. So now Im choosing between Jean-Charles and Mohammadeau Jaiteh. I saw both of these guys play in the Hoops Summit game. Jean-Charles may have the best game hell ever play, but he still looked like a junk player, which has its own value. Jaiteh has the advantage of being enormous, but hes more raw. I think Jean-Charles motor and end to end ability would probably make him the preference.

28) San Antonio Spurs:
What I think will happen: Tony Mitchell - Slim pickens for a team this good, which is sort of the point. But Manu is probably done, so there will be some minutes available for the right fit. But weve already seen a reach at a wing spot on Hardaway. Tony Mitchell is still around and has legit first round skills. Hes a Texas guy too. But its possible hes lack of a good head may turn Pop off. Still Ill make him my guess. Theyd be an athletic big front line with Mitchell and Leonard flanking Duncan.
What I would do: Bullock I still have Bullock floating around in my version of reality. Im sure Pop would like him. This was a team that focused on the three last year, and he can do that, and coming out of UNC, Pop can trust that hes got a good foundation, not unlike getting Danny Green off the scrap heap and turning him into a gem. Now hes not gonna bring the creativity of Manu off the bench, but hey Im picking 28th here!

29) Oklahoma City Thunder:
What I think will happen: Giannis Adetokunbo - This coulda gone to Denver, or a few other spots where a stash made sense. I guessed theyd go Deng up earlier, then decided Ida taken this kid up there myself, which means Ida screwed up, seeing as its very possible he coulda slipped down here for me. Now theyre looking and Deng and him, while Im looking at him and crap.
What I would do: Mohommadau Jiatei The best big body left on the board. As Ive said before, youd be hard pressed to stash two players in one first round. Especially for a team that looked so vulnerable once Westbrook went down. But what other options do I have. Im getting no more value out of Steven Adams here, and him I have to pay and use up his service clock. One mistake cannot be resolved by just adding a body later. I screwed the Thunder in my scenario.

30) Pheonix Suns:
What I think will happen: Mohommadau Jiatei - As it fell Jiatei is a very good body to stash for a team this bad. I guessed theyd take Bennett up above, so you could argue they should look wing, but there just isnt a ton to help them. You could go Adams here, whos at least as good a body, and youd get to keep him, but I dont know why youd want to.
What I would do: Steven Adams - I had McLemore falling to them at four in my iteration. They need help almost everywhere. But with the way it fell, Id go Adams here because again, hes just a really good body at this point. Honestly even if I had a stash player like Jiatei available, Id still lean toward Adams at this point because unlike the guessing scenario, Im not looking to keep the space clear for Bennett, and Id also feel a little closer. Dragic and McLemore could do some things if you can keep rotating Bigs in there to get the ball for them off the glass.
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