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Default Re: Thank You Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
Better when....15 years ago? lol

The funny part is, when D'antoni was here and we didn't have Melo, you weren't nearly as pissed after the season lol. Do you miss Gallinari Knickscity? lol
Of course i wasn't, the dantoni teams were not expected to do anything but stink.

But barely beating a rondoless old celtics team and losing to a team with no star that can barely muster 80 points isn't exactly my definition of a great run.

As I've said in another thread, I'm old enough to have seen Clyde play LIVE, but my personal Knicks best experience is watching King Cartwright Truck and Sparrow give Detroit a battle and providing an epic run with Boston during their HOF talent years....seeing star players not wilt just because they weren't the favorite.

Bernard King 35ppg scoring on well above 55% shooting, and you'd never hear him admit multiple times in a series that he got "outworked".

I've seen better, so this team is nowhere close to my personal ranking of Knicks I've seen.

But like I said, if a title is not the goal, keep it the way it is....not my money.
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