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Default Re: Thank You Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
Damn...You're old lmaooooooo

If you're expecting anyone to be Bernard might as well stop watching. King might be the most underrated player of all time.

End of the day,
We put 6 players 35 or older on the court.
We played 4 guys who weren't even in the league last year
We were on our 4th PF
Our starting SG and PF missed a HUGE chunk of the season
Our best player was banged up all year and playing out of position after being asked to lose weight.

And with all that, we had a 50+ win season. Considering where we were just a few years back, I'd say we had a successful season.

WTF though dude, why am I trying to convince you to be optimistic. Ain't it supposed to be the other way around?
Yeah he's got me by a couple of years he should be talking us young bucks like myself and clutch off the ledge
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