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Default Re: What if Isiah Thomas never left?

Don't be fooled. Thomas still had a hand in us signing Amare and Melo. That being said, we'd have more talent on this team but it would be a lot of bad character guys. I'm not sure if Knickscity remember this, but I've ALWAYS like Lance's game. That being said, I wasn't upset we didn't pick him too much. Lance needs to be in a place like Indiana. I don't trust him living in NY. He's a head case and his dad is a bad influence. I have a strong feeling Lance would have been like DeMarcus Cousins if he was a Knick early on. He doesn't have the guaranteed contract of a Cousins though so he probably would have been cut. Larry Bird's mentoring really helped him. I worry what Lance would've done, at home in NY, with all the coaching changes we had.

I'm all for talent over leadership. End of the day, I think guys have to be talented before anything. That being said, you can't have a team full of knuckleheads. That's what Isaiah teams look like. I don't mind taking a chance on an Andray Blatche kinda guy every once in a while but you can't have a team FULL of them.
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