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Default Re: We didn't win...reflections

Here's whats been going through my mind abou the future.

Starting with Melo: He's our guy. I don't blame the series loss at him as much as I blame it on a lot of the "key" pieces around him.

Key pieces that need to go.

Amar'e Stoudemire

I can't fathom seeing him play an NBA season at 100% ever again. He was supposed to be our next best scorer but he can't do that if he cant play. He spends meaningless minutes on the court, where he's not grabbing rebounds or playing defense. Not worth the contract. We need to find a way to get rid of him, which is much easier said then done.

JR Smith

I can't look at this guy the same way after these play-offs. Awful performance. We will be incapable of winning a championship if this is the guy who we rely on when Melos not on the court.

Mike Woodson

It's beyond me that he kept JR Smith in from the beginning of the 3rd quarter to the end of the 4th. He hit maybe 2 shots in that span and was abused by the likes of George and Stephenson. The offense does not run well under him at all.

Guys I'd like to see stick around.

Pablo Prigioni

His basketball IQ is pretty good. He's unselfish, and the offensive game seems to flow well when he's on the court. Also capable of getting a few steals.

Chris Copeland

Watching Copeland, I feel like he's the perfect back up for Carmelo Anthony. He deserves a bigger role off the bench because he is a legit threat to score.

Iman Shumpert

The game he played last night says it all. We all know that he is a very valuable piece to our future.

Kenyon Martin

Very effective off the bench as a big man. He does all the dirty work and is capable of knocking down open jumpers at times.

Back to the Mike Woodson thing. No I am not a fan of his after this series. Theres a clear reason why he was so unsuccessful with the Hawks. It seems like he tells his players "as long as you play defense you can do whatever you want on offense." Hence ISO Joe, Josh Smith, and now ISO Melo and JR Smith. This is not the way to win a chip.

The coach that in my mind would fix the Knicks woes and give the Knicks a legit threat of winning a title is..............Doc Rivers.

Look what he did for Paul Pierces career. Pierce had a bit of that Melo game in him before Rivers took over. The Celtics were playing way under franchise standards.

Doc took over, implemented a legit offense and Pierce became a WAY more efficient scorer and better overall player. Rivers completely changed his career and he can easily do the same for Melo. However I don't ever see Doc coaching the Knicks. He'd retire before he'd leave the Celtics for another team it seems like.

As far as replacing Stoudemire and Smith, I'd have to explore every trade and Free Agent option, which I don't have the time to do anymore.
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