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Default Re: We didn't win...reflections

Originally Posted by franchize
Sounds to me like YOU are denying it

Why does there always have to be a but or jab at everyone else in your criticism of Chandler. Let me see you say it just one time. No additives. Say it with me. LOL

Tyson doesn't hurt a team that has no shot of winning it all....current Knicks.

If they are serious about a title, upgrades throughout are needed.

Look at the entire roster and not focus on just one player.

i dont think he sucks, but I do think this is not the right situation for him.

Chris Paul doesn't share this view and neither does Dirk....both of those guys would take him back immediately....Tyson is a winner.

Tyson is not capable of guarding the post and the 4 spots man, he had help with Marion in Dallas and David West in the Big easy.

He also had to contest the most shots at the rim than any other center because the guards allow everyone to blow by them, something Chris Paul, Terry barea and Kidd didn't allow in Dallas.

Tyson also didn't have to secure as many errant shots either with Chris Paul dictating an efficient shot and of course Dirk being as efficient as he was.

This is not a good situation for Tyson, I have zero issues trading him for an improvement of a player that is willing to do all the dirty work.

Good lucky finding that player though, and your more likely to go back to the days of Glass joe Turiaf than an actual defensive minded center.
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