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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

There is alot that can be done from a trade perspective, but where is a few that can be done.......

Tyson Chandler + 2013 1st for Eric Gordon.

Gordon doesn't want to be there, Tyson would fit in pretty good with the younger players and could help mentor Anthony davis.

The 1st round opick gives them another piece to build with.

For the Knicks, we acquire an actual shooting guard, something this team does not have, but have to monitor his minutes to keep him healthy.

Melo and Gordon would be a pretty lethal inside out threat.

Novak to the Lakers for Steve Blake.

The Lakers acquire a three point threat...D'antoni likes that.

Knicks acquire a solid backup point on an expiring deal who can make a shot, the same exact shot that Novak can make, while running the offense.

Dont wanna make this post too long so I'll make another post with other possible moves.
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