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Default Re: Thank You Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
My biggest issue with you has always been your hypocrisy and lack of consistency. If you expect these lofty goals to be reached, but then when I point out our GM's give him a pass. Nothing about this roster says contender. If Game 6 wasn't proof of that, I don't know what is. The same people you said that called this season a failure, also happen to be 2 of the 3 people who decided to show up.

Next time, maybe you'll open your eyes to how lazy Glen Grunwald has been as a GM instead of saying "it was the only option" or "nobody wants to play here". Do I need to post the list of players who make less than Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby again?
You still have to get that talent to come here.

Camby was a sign and trade using scrubs, no actual cap space was used.

Kidd came here by exception as well.

Novak was retained by exception.

Even Tyson was acquired by exception.

The options are limited as what can be done.

Unlike you, I have no issues trading ANYONE in an effort to build a better team.

The team has to get from under these top heavy contracts primarily.

But if you state "nothing about this team smells contender" then why hold on to bloated contracts?
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